Elementary Grammar Exercise

Includes thousands of quizzes covering English grammar topics for beginners to enhance grammar knowledge and skill online.

Elementary Grammar Exercise is a free online resource. It includes thousands of quizzes to cover main English grammar topics. All exercises are organized into five groups: Parts of Speech, Parts of Sentence, Verb, Tense, and Others. Each group consists of some categories. For example, Tense includes 4 common tenses, present, past, perfect, and future.

In menu, if you click a category, you will see exercise sets related to particular grammar topic. In general, there are 10 quizzes in every exercise set. The question may be filling in, single selection, or multiple selections. You can try to practice online and check the answer at the same web page. Therefore, this is a handy tool to enhance grammar knowledge for English starters, either K12 students or ESL (English as second language) students.

Considering that this is a relatively large exercise bank, covering core contents of English grammar and having hundreds of exercise sets, we strongly suggest leveraging this resource under the guide of tutors, parents, or any others with enough knowledge and experience to teach English grammar.

Contents of Grammar Topics

Parts of Speech
Adjective (12 sets)
Adverb (14 sets)
Conjunction (10 sets)
Article (10 sets)
Noun (10 sets)
Pronoun (16 sets)
Preposition (14 sets)

Parts of Sentence
Subject (8 sets)
Predicate (10 sets)
Object (10 sets)
Predicative (2 sets)
Attribute (3 sets)
Adverbial (3 sets)

Infinitive (6 sets)
Gerund (6 sets)
Participle (6 sets)
Modal (6 sets)
Passive Voice (7 sets)

Present Tense (7 sets)
Past Tense (10 sets)
Perfect Tense (7 sets)
Future Tense (6 sets)

Mode (8 sets)
Question Sentence (9 sets)
Clause (11 sets)
There be (3 sets)
It (3 sets)
Ellipsis / Inversion (2 sets)